Chancery Law Corporation

Based in Singapore, Chancery Law Corporation advises clients with business interests in Singapore and regionally. We focus on corporate finance and dispute resolution.

Our clients reflect our approach to our work, we challenge the status quo. We ask how we can do it quicker, better, how tech can help us. But we hold fast to values of hard work, integrity and honesty.

We are largely conflict free which allows us act independently for all clients. We are open to new ideas, solutions, every new engagement is a learning journey for us.

You business is personal to you. When you trust us with your problems, we take it personally too. But we act on it professionally.


Core Values

Our core values. Why we do. What we do.

  • to provide high quality legal solutions quickly and professionally

  • to be open to new ideas, different ways of doing things, we look at your world through your lens

  • to nurture a culture that allows each professional to thrive, think creatively and innovatively

  • to build a sustainable legal practice

  • to act justly and walk humbly